Basic Commands to use machine-data-hub below.

To Begin

First, install the library:

pip install machine-data-hub


View All Datasets

Machine Data Hub allows you to view a library of reliable and useful machine related datasets. To view all datasets:

$ mdh list

This will list out the dataset ID, name, number of individual files, and file size for each dataset.

Get Metadata

If you want to know more about a dataset, you can view metadata such as ML Type, if it’s a time series, if it’s labeled, and much more. To view a dataset’s metadata:

$ mdh metadata <id>

Example to view metadata for dataset with ID of 2:

$ mdh metadata 2

Download a Dataset

If you find a dataset that you like and want to use for your project, you can download it. To download a full dataset:

$ mdh download <id>

If the dataset has multiple files, you can just download one of the files at once. To download one specific file in a dataset:

$ mdh download <id> <file number>

Example to download file 1 from dataset 15:

$ mdh download 15 1

Suggest a Dataset

Do you know a great dataset that could be useful for prognostics or other machine related projects? Suggest it be added to the Machine Data Hub’s library of datasets:

$ mdh suggest <link> <name> <summary>

Example to download file 1 from dataset 15:

$ mdh suggest "www.data.com" "Dataset" "This is a summary"